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Have you taken out PPI on a loan or credit card in the last 10 years?
There is a chance you may be able to reclaim £1,000s.
Let us claim it back for you.  Call TODAY - No Win No Fee

3 Simple Steps to claiming back your
Payment Protection Insurance


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What if...

I don't have any of the paperwork - Don't worry, we can claim it back!
I have previously claimed on the policy - Don't worry, we can claim it back!
My loan or credit card has been paid back - Don't worry, we can claim it back!


We can help you to claim back your Payment Protection Insurance if:

  • you were pressured into taking out PPI on a loan, credit card or mortgage
  • you increased or topped-up your loan, and PPI was added automatically
  • you were told taking out PPI would increase your chances of being accepted for the loan
  • you were self-employed or unemployed when you took out the loan
  • your loan was repaid before the end of its term but you did not receive a PPI refund

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